During the day most participants are enjoying the slopes or at least some great

hot chocolate on top of the mountain.

Guests return in the late afternoon to relax .

While some KeneSkiers head out to the shops others

go for a swim and some hang out  chatting or playing card games.


The large Forum hall in the center of the village (just a few minute walk from the hotels)

will be used by Keneski for meals, tfillot, and night activities.


Nightly dinner in the main dining room is a lavish buffet.

The food is always delicious with many choices, to accommodate for all taste buds.

Dinner is a good time to sit with different people and meet new friends each night

After dinner we have a lecture or a night activity.

The lectures are given by KeneSki participants as well as guest lecturers brought in from Israel.

Night activities are based upon availability in the area. In the past we included bowling, ice skating,

night ski, karaoke, movie night and even some local culture with Flamenco dancers.

Delicious hearty breakfast and dinner (and sandwich-making materials for lunch provided).

Meals prepared by a high-quality chef.

Glatt Mehadrin Kashrut. Shchita of all chicken and meats from Rav Rothenberg, Paris.

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